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  • Homeowner in Pleasanton, TX

    “If you have storm damage to your home the first call you should make is to MacKenzie and they will make sure your home is restored!”

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    “They did a beautiful job. The first representative who came out to look at the job was very professional and pleasant.”

  • Homeowner in Floresville, TX

    “I was most satisfied with their response time and the information. They really kept us informed throughout the process and explained what was happening.”

Pipes are necessary components when building any type of property. Usually safely hidden behind your walls or under your floorings, these metal (or plastic) tubes are carefully wrapped around your home to enable the easy and even distribution of water. Since they have an important role to play, it is ideal that pipes should be able to withstand a lot of damage, before they corrode or break. However, the disasters we are facing today are quite unpredictable and the severity of their aftermaths are quite difficult to pinpoint; although the pipes in your home were built to be somewhat durable, there are some cases where they could bust at any moment.

A burst or frozen pipe is a disaster indeed. Not only are these situations expensive to repair (especially if you are relying on do-it-yourself methods), but because the consequences that come with them are great. The main reason why pipes burst is the accumulation of pressure. Be it from a frozen sheet of ice trapped within the metal tubing or a clump of stuff clogging a major segment, the water will have a difficult time finding an exit and eventually build up. Once this happens, your pipes will expand and explode in no time, leaving you with a gaping hole, which can be impossible to find. 

Having a burst pipe will not only destroy the interior and/or exterior elements of your home, but expose you to numerous illnesses and diseases, as well – due to the numerous toxic substances that are coming from your sewage. Do the smart thing and contact the professionals immediately to control the situation.

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Homes that are located within the San Antonio, Texas area won’t have to worry when it comes to dealing with burst or frozen pipes, because we, at MacKenzie Restoration Inc., will make sure that your properties will return to tiptop form in no time. Give us a call at: 855-982-9654 or visit our contact page to know more. We also offer several restoration services which include: contents restoration, mold remediation, and smoke and soot restoration to both commercial and residential spaces alike. You can reach us during any hour because our services are operational 24-hours a day!