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MacKenzie Restoration Inc.: High-Quality Mold Removal in San Antonio

Even if you used a shop vacuum to suction flood water from your basement, you might still develop a mold problem. That’s because water can seep into the cracks in your foundation, laying the groundwork for a mold problem that can rapidly grow worse and place the health of you, your family, your employees, and customers at risk. Mold is not to be taken lightly. Mold spores make their way into your HVAC system, which acts as a potent delivery system to the rest of your home. That’s why it is so crucial to contact MacKenzie Restoration, Inc. when you’ve suffered from water damage. Our specialists are skilled at performing mold removal in San Antonio because we have the technology and expertise to test for mold before it becomes visible.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Mold Removal Services

Mold growth in your home or business can cause severely-detrimental health effects for you, your family, and your patrons. As soon as you notice it, you must act swiftly to procure a mold specialist who can completely rid your structure of the harmful growth. It is inadvisable to attempt a do-it-yourself mold treatment because it will be less effective and more expensive than bringing in an expert. Among the benefits of enlisting a mold removal company for the job are:

Proper Mold Assessment

MacKenzie Restoration Inc. will assess your damage and perform mold testing to determine its species, location, and how it is affecting your air quality, among other details. An at-home mold abatement strategy has a high likelihood of failure because different types and concentrations of mold require different approaches to treatment.

Health Concerns

Our trained mold cleanup specialists in San Antonio take precautionary measures to safeguard against health concerns associated with mold in your home or office. Give us a call rather than putting your health in harm’s way.

Complete Mold Removal

Our experts will remove the mold in your building while still preserving the areas of your facility where it has been growing. If you employ a do-it-yourself technique, you will risk damaging your basement, walls, and ventilation system in the process.


In addition to getting rid of the mold that is present, we will employ mold mitigation techniques to ensure that it is not a recurring issue. We will consider your specific environment, the factors that caused the mold, and ways to address the concern moving forward so you will not have to call us with the same problem in the years ahead.

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We Use a Diligent Mold Removal Process to Get the Job Done Right

MacKenzie Restoration, Inc. offers highly-effective mold removal services to San Antonio. We take a series of steps designed to thoroughly clean and disinfect your property, including:

Find the mold

We use visual and technological inspection techniques to find mold throughout your property. It is vital that we find all sources of mold during the process, which is why we take such great care during the examination.

Extract All Lingering Water

We use powerful dehumidifiers and water extraction equipment to thoroughly dry every surface of your living space or commercial property, from the floors and carpets to the cabinetry.

Quarantine Areas with Mold

Once we’ve identified which areas of your property are affected by mold, our team seals it off, preventing the mold from spreading elsewhere by using negative air pressure to discourage it from spreading through the rest of the property.

Remove All Affected Building Materials

Any materials affected by the mold growth must be removed, from flooring materials, books, clothes, and wall boards. Anything non-porous, like glass, can be removed.

HVAC System Treatment

Because heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are such a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria and can so efficiently spread it through your home, we thoroughly clean the ducts and treat them with a HEPA filter.

Whole-Building Mold Disinfecting

We use negative ions, which are electronically-charged particles, to remove all airborne contaminants from your home, which are a natural byproduct of mold spores.

Repair and Restoration

Once we’ve removed all mold from your home, we begin the process of replacing anything we removed and restoring the property.a

Our Team Provides Superior Contents Restoration

Not only can our specialists rebuild your property after a fire and remove mold from the equation, MacKenzie Restoration, Inc. also specializes in cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring your belongings. Call us today to request a free on-site estimate and inspection at your home or office in San Antonio, TX.

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