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We’re Versatile Environmental Cleaners in San Antonio

When it comes to cleaning public locations like hospitals in the aftermath of a fire or flooding, MacKenzie Restoration, Inc. are the environmental cleaners San Antonio trusts. The cleanliness of your facility is vital to your ability to remain open, so there’s little room for error. If you’re supervising cleanup of an Atascosa-area hospital, you have to consider various levels of clean. Waiting rooms can be laxer in standards, but operating rooms must be absolutely sterile. For that reason, placing your trust in a standard janitorial company isn’t advisable. Our professionals know how to adjust to your facility’s standards to your requests and get your building up and running again.

hospital hallway

We Use SteraMist™ Environmental Cleaners

We use technology that produces decontaminants strong enough to kill the Ebola virus on sight when working on environmental cleaning projects. Because flood damage carries an enormous risk of mold growth, it is absolutely vital you hire a company that uses equipment to get the job done flawlessly. We place our trust in reputable products like the SteraMist™ Surface Unit and SteraMist™ Environment System. Both applications enable our professionals to target hard-to-reach areas and sterilize a wide range of rooms. Both products are fast acting, allowing our specialists to get in and out and enable you to be operational once again.

Give Us a Call for a Free Inspection and Estimate

In addition to environmental cleaning for residential and commercial properties, MacKenzie Restoration, Inc. provides a wide array of services to residential and commercial clients, including water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold remediation, and contents restoration, ensuring the recovery from disaster is easier. Our team is available 24/7 and offers free inspections and estimates, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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