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Green Risk Professionals in San Antonio, TX

Over the years, more and more companies and home owners have begun to realize the importance of green construction. As societies advanced from having a utility-centric approach to building, to having a more environmentally sustainable philosophy, they have embraced methods that truly take into account the connections between the built environment, the natural environment, and economics.

At Mackenzie Restoration, we are perpetually dedicated to discovering the best practices that allow our customers to gain optimum value from the services we render. As such, we have strived to become a Green Risk-certified company. Using the principles learned from our Green Risk training, our restoration and construction professionals can proactively create opportunities for homeowners to take advantage of green alternatives to regular construction methods, building materials, equipment, and appliances.

As a company that adheres to the principles of green building, we are aware of the importance of promoting products, systems, and techniques that are not only more environmentally conscientious but are also aimed at enhancing our clients’ quality of life.

Our Green Risk professionals’ areas of expertise are as follows: 

  • Comprehensive understanding of the principles of green building.
  • Promoting and using green construction methods and materials.
  • Implementing measures that help conserve water and energy.
  • Creating Energy Star and zero-energy environments.
  • Implementing standards set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other green certification programs.
  • Implementing strategies like recycling and green deconstruction.

If you are in need of restoration or construction services and are interested in employing environmentally sustainable techniques for the building or rehabilitation of your home or commercial property, contact  Mackenzie Restoration by calling 855-982-9654 or by sending a message through our contact page.

Our Green Risk professionals will be more than happy to provide you a comprehensive background on the potential benefits of green building before we start work on your project.