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    “If you have storm damage to your home the first call you should make is to MacKenzie and they will make sure your home is restored!”

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    “They did a beautiful job. The first representative who came out to look at the job was very professional and pleasant.”

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    “I was most satisfied with their response time and the information. They really kept us informed throughout the process and explained what was happening.”

Smoke Odor Removal in San Antonio, TX

Smoke and soot released during fire accidents can cause considerable damage. Whether it’s family heirlooms in homes, inventory of goods in grocery shops and retail stores, or furnishings in offices, all things are in danger of being affected by the caustic effects of smoke and soot chemicals.

Moreover, smoke and soot odors that linger after a basic cleanup of a fire-damaged place are difficult to remove and may indicate the presence of substances that could harm your belongings in the long run. As such, smoke and soot should be dealt with completely and without delay.

Professional Smoke Odor Removal: The Best Way to Get the Odor Away

Do-it-yourself remediation of smoke and soot and the odor that comes with them is not recommended. The particles and gases inside a property that has suffered fire damage can be very harmful to a person’s well-being, causing problems like allergies, respiratory disorders, and toxicity. People without the proper protective tools and cleaning equipment would do well not to perform fire damage restoration on their own.

At Mackenzie Restoration, we are aware of our clients’ need for fast and reliable fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal services. As one of the leading restoration service providers in San Antonio and surrounding areas in Texas, we provide comprehensive professional fire damage restoration services that are guaranteed to restore your property to its original condition without endangering the health of the people who are important to you.

Our team of professionals will use special air cleaning equipment to get rid of airborne smoke and soot particles. After this, our construction and contents restoration teams will work to clean and repair your property’s interiors as well as your personal belongings. We will remove smoke odor from items like: 

  • Home interiors (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Furnishings, upholstery, drapes
  • Clothing
  • Sheets and linens
  • Books
  • Ornamental accessories
  • Electronics
  • Documents
  • Many more!

We work hard to make sure that all items that can still be saved will be restored so that you don’t have to replace them. This way, both you and your insurance provider will be able to save money.

If you want to learn more about our smoke odor removal services, please get in touch with the Mackenzie Restoration team by calling 855-982-9654. You may also send as an electronic mail using our contact page.