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  • Homeowner in Pleasanton, TX

    “If you have storm damage to your home the first call you should make is to MacKenzie and they will make sure your home is restored!”

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    “They did a beautiful job. The first representative who came out to look at the job was very professional and pleasant.”

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    “I was most satisfied with their response time and the information. They really kept us informed throughout the process and explained what was happening.”

Though seeing a hungry flame eat through an entire building does sound frightening, there is another type of damage people should look out for when it comes to these kinds of events. Once the fire has been taken out, most people think that it is safe to enter their homes. However, this is a malpractice because there is another danger lurking within the property, and it is known as smoke. Smoke, be it in the form of a black cloud or white mist, is dangerous to one’s health. Over exposing yourselves to this substance is proven to be deadly, and it can be caught on clothes, furniture, paper, and in spaces like your air duct systems.

The primary function of your air ducts is to transfer air from one room to the other; and although smoke is not made of a liquid substance, it can still manage to create damages to both the system’s material and those who are located within the duct’s reach. If the situation is not immediately dealt with, the efficiency of your air ducts will reduce overtime and it will be difficult to breathe comfortably around the premises. If you are experiencing this kind of fire damage, you must call in the professionals to do the job. We, at MacKenzie Restoration Inc. are just the people you need to remove this unwanted substance out of your homes, which are located in the surrounding areas of San Antonio, Texas.

Smoke Removal Steps

Our company only uses the best equipment and methods to finish every restoration job. If you decide to you hire our services to deal with the smoke trapped in your air ducts, rest assured that our team of professional and dedicated crewmembers are prepared to face the situation and leave your systems in a better shape. They will perform the following steps:

  • Clean the insides of the air duct systems
  • Replace the air filter
  • Sanitize the space with a spray
  • Replace the covers and test the air conditioning

Removing smoke out of your air duct systems is just one of the many services our company offers. We can also restore your homes back to its original (or better) shape, after it has sustained a multitude of damage caused by fires, water damagestorm damage, and so much more. Give us a call at: 855-982-9654 or visit our contact Mackenzie Restoration page to further inquire about our other amazing offers.