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When you are in the hotel business, it's a fact that sooner or later, water damage is going to occur, and this happens a lot more than customers think. In order to maintain a safe, hygenic and comfortable environment for your hotel guests adn employees, management should take initiative to ensure that water-related incidents are taken care of as soon as possible, no matter how big or small it may seem.

Effects of Water Damage in Hotels

The water damage in hotels is similar to the water damage found in other residences and businesses. The various causes of water damage can be becaues of flooding, burst pipes, damaged equipment that doesn't work as intended, moisture problems in basements adn crawl spaces, backflow from faulty sewage systems, accidents--water damage can even be the byproduct of a prank. Hotel lobby Restoration All of these factors can cost hotels up to thousands of dollars in damage per occurrence, and if it happens more than once it just makes things even worse for your budget. If it isn't dealt with, this can also translate into significant financial losses, as there is no guest who would want to spend their nights in a poorly-maintained hotel.

Moisture and humidity open up the possibilities of structural damage, and mold growth, which is at best risky and lethal at worst for the guests and employees alike. Mold can cause rotting wood, paint peeling from the walls, and expedited deterioration of the building, overall. The hotel accumulating water damage can also cause problems with the electrical wiring system, and when this happens you've got a fire hazard on your hands. All of these can cost the hotel a lot more money in the long run, so it's vital to properly maintain the establishment and having an excellent, competent repair team attend to mishaps as soon as possible, to safeguard the hotel against further losses.

For a Restoration Company You can Count On

Commercial restoration is just one of the many services our company, MacKenzie Restoration Inc. can offer you. Aside from that, we can also restore your home or business back to its original state, or leave it in better shape than it was, after damage from fire, water or storms have ravaged it. With just one call, our MacKenzie Restoration 24/7 emergency call center will make sure to dispatch one of our highly-qualified emergency restoration teams to your aid. So if you're in San Antonio, Texas or in the surrounding area, do make sure to call us at 855-982-9654 or visit our contact Mackenzie Restoration page to further inquire about our other amazing offers.