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I was most satisfied with the estimate. I figured it would cost a whole lot more to do the repairs. I was also satisfied with the quality and the workmanship.

A homeowner in San Antonio, TX

All appointments were scheduled and keep as scheduled without delay. All representative were very professional.

A homeowner in San Antonio, TX

Project planning was somewhat complicated by our modifications to the original scope of the work. Mackenzie personnel were very helpful and patient with our many adjustments to the contract.

A homeowner in Atascosa, TX

I was most satisfied with their response time and the information. They really kept us informed throughout the process and explained what was happening.

A homeowner in Floresville, TX

If you have storm damage to your home the first call you should make is 210-732-7319 and they will make sure your home is restored!

A homeowner in Pleasanton, TX

They did a beautiful job. The first representative who came out to look at the job was very professional and pleasant. She assured me they wold move as quick as they could. They moved all the furniture and put everything back in place. I didn't have to lift a finger. I was also impressed with the fact that they sent 3-4 representatives to measure the room. They measured it 3 times to be sure. Also, the new carpet was installed in two pieces instead of three so there were only two seams.

A homeowner in Boerne, TX

They were very prompt in coming out and starting with the actual recovery process. Kaleb proceeded to come quickly after that. With taking care of the water damage, they were very prompt. I was also satisfied with Kaleb's illustration and the way he put together the bid and the numbers.

A homeowner in San Antonio, TX

Maggie was exceptional as was her crew. They were very professional. Joe was also exceptional! I felt they responded to my projects in a very professional manner.

A homeowner in Corpus Christi, TX