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Learn Everything You Need to Know About Mold Removal

MacKenzie Restoration Inc. has a reputation for delivering exceptional mold removal services. San Antonio, TX’s climate can be a cause of mold growth, either directly or indirectly. Our specialists know how to find mold in your home and work to remove it at the source. We encourage you to contact us if you see mold anywhere in your home or property. It’s likely that there is a lot more beneath the surface, and it will grow as time passes. There’s no time like the present to contact our mold remediation specialists. Read below to learn more about mold and how to remove it from your property.

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus consisting of small organisms. Color-wise, mold can be black, white, orange, green, or purple. While mold is a nuisance indoors, it plays a critical role in the ecosystem, breaking down dead leaves, plants, and trees. Mold reproduces with tiny, lightweight spores that travel through the air. As a result, all people expose themselves to mold every time they step outside. In small doses, it is harmless. In high concentrations, however, it can be unhealthy and even toxic.

How Common is Mold?

Mold is very common, as it gravitates towards any moist, damp area. This means that it can form almost anywhere in your home. For instance, we’ve found mold on roofs and in showers, under sinks, and in basements. It can develop from things like leaky pipes, storm flooding, and even firefighting efforts. Most homeowners experience mold at some point. Many of them attempt to use store-bought products to scrub the surfaces and discard infested belongings. However, mold often extends beneath the floors and behind the walls. Mold is easy enough to diagnose. If you can see it and your house smells musty, then there’s a good chance you have a mold issue.

I Keep a Clean House! Where Did This Mold Come From?

Mold spores are tiny and airborne. They can efficiently work their way through windows, doors, and cracks in the foundation. You can track mold in your home on your shoes and clothes. Even your pets can carry it inside! Some materials, such as cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood, or wet cellulose products, attract mold spores as well. Even the cleanest, most spotless home can develop a severe mold issue, which is why it’s important to know the signs so you can halt the issue before it becomes far more severe.

What Kind of Impact Does Mold Have on My Family?

Moldy indoor environments pose a risk because there is a higher concentration of mold, and there is no outdoor air supply to spread the particles safely. The good news is, most health-related symptoms associated with mold are mild. Modest symptoms range from stuffy noses to itchy eyes and skin. However, some molds can cause respiratory tract infections and worsen asthma symptoms in individuals with weaker immune systems. Therefore, it is crucial to contact MacKenzie Restoration Inc. for mold treatment so your health and the health of those inhabiting your space is not jeopardized.

I Have a Mold Problem. What Comes Next?

Mold removal and remediation is the best choice for severe infestations. We’ve performed thousands of mold removal projects in our career, and we only hire team members who are thorough, comprehensive, and professional. We use a patented process to exterminate all traces of mold and make your home or business a healthy and comfortable environment again. Mold remediation is a professional technique that addresses large-scale mold issues. How does it work? We’ll explain:

  • Containment: First, our technicians set up a ventilation system. This is an important step because the air filtration systems and scrubbers we use prevent disrupted mold spores from spreading to uninfected areas in your home.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection: Next, we thoroughly clean the affected areas with industrial-grade cleaners and apply a biocide, fungicide, or moldicide solution.
  • Address the Cause: Next, our team addresses the issues that caused the mold infestation. For instance, we might repair a loose bathroom fan duct if it is deemed the source of the problem.
  • Encapsulate the Mold: Finally, MacKenzie Restoration Inc. encapsulates any remaining mold by covering it in paint or similar material, which traps and kills it.

How Can I Prevent Future Mold Outgrowths?

Mold is common, but not completely unavoidable. Once we’ve removed your mold problem, you can set to work guarding against future infestations. You can do your best to prevent future mold issues by:

  • Keeping humidity levels between 30 to 50 percent with a high-quality dehumidifier.
  • Being sure to use your air conditioner during the summer months.
  • Ensuring your home ventilates property.
  • Fixing all leaks, whether on your roof, in the walls, or in the basement.
  • Refraining from using carpet or rugs in flood-prone areas of your home.

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Take your problem seriously and contact our team today. MacKenzie Restoration Inc. has years of experience creating safer and healthier homes with world-class mold abatement solutions. We find creative solutions and work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied. In addition to mold remediation, our team can perform storm damage cleanup, general construction, and water damage restoration.

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