Why You Should Invest in Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces may be a foot tall, but these areas serve an important function to any household, and commercial space.  The initial function of a crawl space is to efficiently circulate the air throughout the entirety of the property. The crawl space is also an easy access point for plumbing, electrical, and other maintenance and repair needs. Crawl spaces however, can be more than just a passage way for pipes and wires; the crawl space is a perfect place to encapsulate, saving you money, and reduces your carbon footprint.


Your dependence on electric appliances comes with the type of season you are experiencing. Electric fans, and air-conditioners are usually switched on during the months that are warm, and hot; while heaters are used when the air gets too cold. Using these appliances, in plentiful succession, on a daily basis, can damage not only the appliance, but your pockets, as well.

Crawl space ventilation

Living with electricity is both a blessing and a curse. Without it, there would not be any lights to brighten up the night; chores such as cooking, and cleaning, would become tedious, and machines such as cell phones, and laptops would not have been created. Electricity however, is not cheap; you must be willing to pay a high price for comfortable living, and by choosing to encapsulate your crawl space, you need not to worry about the costs.

Encapsulating crawl spaces lead to a lot of things:

Saves Energy

Encapsulated spaces control the temperature of the air flow that enters your home. By improving the air circulation, you use your energy consuming appliances less – reducing the costs of your electrical bill.

Filters Out “Bad” Air

The meaning of “bad” here is used for the toxic substances that is carried by air. Toxic mold grow in dark, moist, and humid places; crawl spaces are no exception. When air flows into the space, and exit into your home, it also brings up mold spores, and other toxic substances that have settled – significantly raising your chances of getting infected.

Keeps out the Moisture

Wood, soil, and vegetation can be found inside crawl spaces under the house. When it starts to flood, or rain, crawl spaces take in moisture. Moisture, if unattended to, may lead to mold infestations, wood rotting, and unpleasant odors which can permeate the house easily.

Deciding to get your crawl spaces encapsulated may be costly, but think about what you are trying to prevent. With encapsulation, you avoid unnecessary home repairs, high electric bills, and getting sick from mold spores; indeed, encapsulating your crawl spaces is an investment worth your money.

Have you decided to reap in the benefits of crawl space encapsulation? Here at MacKenzie Restoration, you can get the best encapsulation service that is worth your budget. Not only do we keep your air circulation at bay, we also perform water and fire damage restoration; keeping you, and your environment safe.

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