How Smoke and Soot Create Health Risks for You and Your Family

 smoke and soot being produced by fire

Fires are situations we all want to avoid because we all know that fire is a destructive force that can create irreparable damages in mere seconds. That is why almost all buildings, homes, and other occupied places have extensively prepared themselves and their spaces to face any fire related disasters. However, fires can become uncontrollable and when that happens, professionals, such as firefighters, are called into the scene to put off the flames.

Most people think that the situation has been cleared because the presence of the flame can no longer be seen. People might think that it is already safe to return to the afflicted premises so that they can begin to rebuild; but just because the flames are not present, does not mean you are safe.

Damaged properties and fire related injuries are primary damages caused by the flames. Smoke and soot, however, are secondary types of damages. They may not be as fierce as a roaring flame, but they are quite harmful if you have been exposed to them too much.

Since smoke and soot can easily enter your body, most of their damages are done internally but can be identified with outwardly seen symptoms. Depending on what was caught in the fire, their chemical composition is mixed in the creation process of smoke and soot, making them a possible lethal substance when inhaled.

The health risks that are caused by smoke and soot are:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Respiratory Ailments
  • Kidney Damage
  • Liver Damage
  • Gashes in the Lungs
  • Death

So the next time you are looking at smoke and soot after an event of a fire, do not belittle their existence. Because of their composition and the many ways they can enter your body it is possible that soot and fire does more harm than the actual flames.

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