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Nothing is certain in life but death and taxes and when it is especially humid and wet, mold. It may not be obvious but mold spores are everywhere and it only takes the right conditions for them to blossom into the nasty green, growths we see in walls. Although these growths appear harmless, their presence guarantees slow, creeping destruction.

Here’s a sample of what molds can do:
On the Home

Mold plays an important role in nature because it breaks down dead organic fibrous materials like trees and leaves. Since a home is essentially composed of dead trees, mold growth should be prevented indoors. Mold spores are already present in the cell walls of the wood. Once the spores grow, a colony will bloom inside the material itself and degrade the material over time. Wood exposed to growth mold will warp and thin. Since mold is toxic, wood affected by growth will need to be disposed of as soon as it is detected.

zoom of mold

On Human Health

People’s sensitivities to mold vary. Mild exposure to mold carries the following symptoms: cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, tightness of the chest, nose bleeds, headaches, and eye irritations. These symptoms can worsen if people are exposed to the mold over a long period of time. Studies narrate cases where healthy children exposed to mold develop a cough and wheezing symptoms up to respiratory tract infections but become healthy again when they get removed from the toxic environment. Certain mold species like aflatoxins can cause cancer if people are exposed to it long enough.

In order to avoid the growth of mold in your home, control the level of humidity and precipitation indoors. Use exhaust fans to immediately dry your bathrooms and kitchens. Never allow an area to remain wet for 24 – 48 hours as this is the optimum time for mold to grow. For the really bad cases of mold growth, you can get in touch with Mackenzie Remediation. Mackenzie removes mold infestations through its environmental service.

Mackenzie Remediation is a leading restoration services company serving the greater San Antonio area and the communities in and around San Marcos County. Our team of experts can restore homes affected by water damage and fire damage. Clients can expect immediate support in the spirit of a true emergency response. Please call our 210-732-7319 number for help. You can also get in touch with us on the contact form on any of our pages for support. Mackenzie Restoration not only restores homes but lives as well.

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