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Disasters can seriously damage your property, and they can also virtually wipe out your personal belongings. However, there are times when the restoration of your home or commercial property’s contents is actually possible, especially if they were only partially affected by the disaster event or if all they need is some thorough cleaning. This is really great news for people who want to recover family heirlooms, items with sentimental values, or expensive appliances and equipment.

Arm chair in need of restoration

At Mackenzie Restoration, we take our customers’ request for the thorough evaluation of their belongings very seriously. Naturally, we want our clients to be able to save items that hold a great significance to them, and we also want them to save resources for more pressing matters. The cash they would otherwise use for buying new furnishings, appliances, and equipment could instead be used to finance the repairs that their properties need.

In the event that your belongings cannot be restored, we will let you know about it. It is our policy to never dispose of any item without your knowledge, so you can rest assured that your stuff will be safe with us. Whenever possible, we will restore your items as best as we can. These include:

  • All soft goods like clothing, beddings, leather goods, shoes, bags, sports apparel, and so on.
  • All hard goods from chinaware and silverware to jewelry, ornamental sculptures, and crystal objects.
  • All electronics gadgets and equipment. We will try to restore your computers, televisions, game consoles, stereos, cellular phones, and other electronic products.
  • Important paper documents and digital media.

If your property has been sullied by a fire or water disaster, don’t lose hope! Call Mackenzie restoration today at 210-732-7319, and let us know how we can help you. Our service area includes the city of San Antonio and the surrounding areas in Texas.

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